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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 12:20
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Tutorial guide component MVC helloworld 03
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Create MVC-model-view-controller component for joomla 1.5 - Hello World 03

Tutorial guide component MVC helloworld 03

The objective is to create a simple application(component) that allows to say HELLO in multiple languages.
This component includes a lots of new features and simply demonstrates joomla MVC from front-end to back-end side.

If you are not familiar with MVC in Joomla please get back to hello world 02 article. You can see the live demo helloworld 03 front end or

administrator helloworld 03 back end. It is very easy to follow the component source code since it includes developers notes and it is available at download section.


  1. add a new hello world link
  2. quick country navigation
  3. show a list of hello word links to users
  4. customized "tag" view of hello word links


  1. add, edit, delete, publish, unpublish hello world links
  2. edit, publish, unpublish countries


Description - Show component description
Helloworld Intro Text - description text
New Helloworld - Enable/disable adding a new hello world link in the front-end
Multicolor Links - customized "tag" view of hello word links. There are two options multicolor or single color view.
Maximum Records - Maximum hello word links per IP address

Controllers back-end

There are two pairs of controllers. One pair is for countries
country.php - show list of countries
country_detail.php - edit country record

and the second is for helloworld records.
helloworld.php - show list of helloworld links
helloworld_detail.php - edit helloworld record

For each controller there are relevant model and view (e.g. “country” controller has “country” model and “country” view). All views have the only one template.


  1. hw03_country - list of all countries

  2. hw03_helloworld - "hello" in many languages

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