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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 07:58

Step By Step Installation of Joomla component Hello World

  1. Install joomla 1.5 .x

-my personal tip is to use xampplite http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html

this package contains all we need to try joomla.

Pros :

  • it doesn't install any rubbish
  • we don't need to be afraid of getting interfere with our registry or services
  • easy to install
  • easy to portability (pack, copy, unpack, use; easy to change a directory path)

  1. Download component from website http://www.sportamok.com/development/download-components/joomla-1.5/com_helloworld01.zip

  1. Log in joomla as Administrator user

    • Extensions->”Install/Uninstall”
    joomla15 joomla component free

  1. Press “Browse” button and find you downloaded file com_helloworld01.zip on your computer.

  1. Install component by pressing “Upload File & Install“button.

create joomla tutorial web site

  1. Test Administration module

create new free joomla component

  1. Make menu for our new component

    Menus -> Main Menu -> New -HelloWorld(double click) ->Name: Show me HelloWORLD!

download free component joomla

Menu New

free joomla tutorial complete guide

  1. Let's show me new component

Go to your joomla website and click on Show me HelloWORLD!link

vojtechovsky joomla delphi tutorial

  1. What about component localization?

You will need to have installed czech language package. It's not finished yet so let's cheat a little.

Copy “cs-CZ” folder from your joomla installation folder

(e.g. c:\web\xampplite\htdocs\j15\installation\language\cs-CZ) to your language folder and your administrator language folder.

(e.g. c:\web\xampplite\htdocs\j15\language\cs-CZ and c:\web\xampplite\htdocs\j15\administrator\language\cs-CZ )

If you didn't prepare it before the component instalation you have to uninstall/install the component.

Let's make some testing.

Go to Administrator section and select Czech language for both site/administrator as DEFAULT!

sportamok create component joomla

Go to componentadministration/joomla site and see the component text in czech.

component guide joomla15
  1. Check out the joomla system log file

[joomla folder ] + \logs\error.log

(e.g. c:\web\xampplite\htdocs\j15\logs\error.log )

#Version: 1.0

#Date: 2007-02-06 16:51:17

#Fields: date time level c-ip status comment

#Software: Joomla! 1.5.0 Beta [ Khepri ] 12-Oct-2006 00:00 GMT

2007-02-06 16:51:17 0 1 hellodefault :Hello World. I just finished my first Joomla 1.5 component.

2007-02-06 16:51:26 0 1 helloworld :Hello World

2007-02-06 16:51:29 0 1 helloagain :Hello Again

2007-02-07 17:03:18 0 1 helloagain :Hello Again

2007-02-07 17:03:20 0 1 helloworld :Hello World

2007-02-07 17:05:00 0 1 helloworld :Ahoj Světe

2007-02-07 17:05:03 0 1 helloagain :Ahoj Znova

2007-02-07 17:05:11 0 1 helloworld :Ahoj Světe

2007-02-08 16:55:54 0 1 helloworld :Hello World

2007-02-08 16:55:58 0 1 helloagain :Hello Again

2007-02-08 16:56:14 0 1 hellotestfoo :Ahoj Světe, moje první testovací funkce byla právě spuštěna.

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