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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 07:15

Step By Step Installation of Mambot

  1. Install joomla 1.0.11

-my persona tip is to use xampplite http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html

this package contains all we need to try joomla.


Pros :

  • it doesn't install any rubbish
  • we don't need to be afraid of getting interfere with our registry or services
  • easy to install
  • easy to portability (pack, copy, unpack, use; easy to change a directory path)



  1. Download mambot from website http://www.sportamok.com/development/download-components/joomla-1.1/mb_log_events.zip



  1. Log in joomla as Administrator user

    • Installers/Mambots
    joomla install mambot admin



  1. Press “Browse” button and find you downladed file mb_log_events.zip on your computer.

  • Installers/Mambots
joomla install new mambots


  1. Install mambot by pressing “Upload File & Install“button.


joomla install new mambots upload


  1. Let's enable our new mambot.

    • Go to Mambots/site Mambots

    joomla site mambots system




  1. Publish Mambot

Click on the red cross icon or tick “Simple System Logger” and choose “Edit” button. There is a “Published” option so select “YES” and confirm by pressing “SAVE” button.
publish new mambot






  1. Let's make some testing!


Go to your joomla website and get through some sections. Check out the log file on your mambots/system location.


[Instalace joomla] + \mambots\system\mb_log_events\logfile.log


e.g. c:\web\xampplite\htdocs\joomla11\mambots\system\mb_log_events\logfile.log



//content of my log file

option: com_content task: section

option: com_content task: view

option: com_content task: blogsection

option: com_content task: category


//the end.




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